Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Latest Kill

Tonight was dinner at Courtney's house to celebrate the opening of dove season. The guys all met up around 4 am on Saturday morning to hunt doves. The guys brought around 30 doves home so we cooked those for dinner tonight. Along with dove, which wasn't eaten by most of us girls, there was also chicken. Courtney put on the invitation to bring your fat pants and she soo meant it. We had so much food and were all pretty much miserable by the time it was over.

Leading Ladies:

"Suzy Homemaker"
Mother of 1
Cole: 2 weeks
Married to Chris

"Gospel Singer/Softball Player"
Married to Adam

"Paranoid Wild Child"
Dating: Marcus

Soon to be Mother of 1
Married to Adam

"Mary Kay Guru"
Mother of 1
Sutton: 10 months
Married to Justin

"Party Planner/Fashionista"
Married to Matt

Mother of 2
Ella: 6 Griffin: 4
Married to Gabe

"Mother Hen"
Mother of 1
Maddy: 4
Married to Brian


We are going to give you a glimpse into the crazy and not so fabulous world of Craighead County. After watching season after season of The Real Housewives of Bravo, we thought it would be nice for people to see how "Real Redneck Housewives" really live! So enjoy!